Goophone iPhone SE review with identical smartphones


Most of the people now a days need apple products, for them company has launched a new phone with a name “Goophone” at convenient price.. There are various phones available in the market but by using apple product users feel a sense of elitism. Just go through some samrtphones which are available for the users..


This $50 iPhone SE is being unboxed by Everything Apple Pro. Though its built of aluminium and comes for paltry sum compared to the iPhone SE, the company has simply managed to clone the design and iOS interface, it’s no short of a disaster when it comes to functionality. A laggy interface, awful typing experience and lower storage than promised, it’s no less than a scam.

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus 

Similar to the SE, you will also find Goophone i6s and i6s Plus priced at $119 (approx. Rs 8030) and $149 (approx. Rs 10,000), respectively. The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are otherwise priced more than Rs 46,000 and Rs 50,000 respectively. A full metal body, 4.7-incch display and a similar design could fool your friends into believing you own the device. However, it’s only when you start using it, that you will realise it’s no where closer to your Apple device in terms of functionality.


Now LG’s modular flagship G5 may be priced Rs 52,990, but its clone Goophone G5 will not cost you more than $149 that translates to approximately Rs10,000. Of course, you won’t find the QHD display, 16MP shooter, or similar specs. But Goophone has managed to clone it to the tee, making your friends belive you own the device.

Galaxy S7

Goophone has built clones of almost all flagships including the latest in the Galaxy series – S7. A glance and there is no denying that the design has been copied to the tee. It is priced at $129 that is approximately Rs 8699, which is paltry sum compared to the launch price. Goophoneblog has also posted a hands on with the device.

While Apple engineers are probably busing fine-tuning the alleged iPhone 7, Goophone’s Facebook page clearly shows how closely it is following the design leaks. Probably Goophone engineers have also started working on a clone and the device may probably come even before the original makes its way to the market.