Google Pixel Smartphones to be launched on October 4 at a event


Google will come up with Pixel smartphone on October 4 at an event. The new smartphone will be powered by Android mobile software.

Lumix FZ2500, Lumix LX-10, and Lumix G85 launched by Panasonic at Photokina 2016

Messaged solicitations uncovered just the time and place for the social occasion in San Francisco, the message topped by blue, red, yellow, and green specks of shading.

Google shot a Twitter message with hashtag #madebygoogle and a video of what had all the earmarks of being a long rectangular hunt term enclose transforming to an outline of a cell phone.

Industry trackers have been anticipating that Google in October should flaunt its own cell phone, showcasing the ability of its new Nougat adaptation of Android programming.

Google may stamp its most recent cell phones with a "Pixel" brand rather than the "Nexus" name it has utilized as a part of the past for Android cell phones it has made in coordinated efforts with accomplices.

A Google cell phone would be handled as a standard to which other's making Android gadgets ought hope for, and would come weeks after Apple's started offering new iPhone 7 models.

An alluring Google cell phone could likewise demonstrate a contender for the consideration of purchasers amid the prime year-end Christmas shopping season.

Scenes in Apple stores far and wide on Friday were reminiscent of days before internet requesting turned into a standard and individuals stayed outdoors for quite a long time to be first to get hands on the California organization's iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Excitement was peppered with frustration because of deficiencies of the substantial screen iPhone 7 Plus and a Jet Black iPhone 7, yet it was hazy if the deficiencies were the aftereffect of solid request or restricted supply.

The gadgets graph another way for the tech goliath by wiping out earphone jacks, a move seen as setting a pattern for a remote future

The iPhones additionally gloat Apple's crisply discharged iOS 10 versatile working framework.

While the organization has touted absolute iPhone offers of one billion, the number sold in the quarter finishing June 25 fell 15 percent from a year prior, highlighting worries over development for the key benefit driver.

Development has gotten to be trying with numerous cellular telephone markets soaked, with Apple rivals creating a wide assortment of gadgets controlled by Android programming that Google makes accessible for nothing.

Apple confronts firm rivalry from conventional opponent Samsung, despite the fact that the South Korean goliath is at present on the back foot in the wake of being constrained into an enormous review in view of detonating batteries of its leader Galaxy Note 7.

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