Google Is Like Mother, No film-maker can function without Google says Karan Johar


Mumbai : Film-maker Karan Johar was quite thrilled to see and learn Google’s mobile-oriented search program.  Karan says that no filmmaker can function without the features of the popular search engine Google as movies are all about research. Meanwhile Karan says google helps movie aficionados get specific and accurate answers about his/her favourite movie/actor merely by speaking out the search question into the phone’s Google app, instead of manually typing it. 

This search feature enables users to not just find contextual answers to their specific question, but also pulls other peripheral information that one may find interesting into the same search thread. I think that there is no filmmaker who can function without the functions of Google," Karan said while hosting a show to announce Google's new search experiences for the Indian film industry, he added. Commenting on this innovative search feature, Karan said, “Google is like a mother. Offering more insight about the reason behind coming up with a search specifically for cinephiles, Satyajeet Salgar, Product Manager, Google, said, “In India, Indian movies are a huge part of our life. It is what we talk, gossip and daydream about.

Google has been helping people when they turn to us for questions about films. But even when we answer these questions, something’s changed. What’s changed is how people look for this information. They turn into their mobile phones and want this information quickly and they don’t want to type. So, we started to think about what the best product would be for this device. We started with a product that gives answers very quickly and lets a user explore content with just a few taps.” Satyajeet also offered a live demonstration of the feature to Karan. As an eager movie enthusiast, the film-maker found answers to questions like the first-ever Bollywood film, the Kapoor’s family tree and whether Anil Kapoor is related to Raj Kapoor’s family. The Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham director also joked about using the feature to learn about a whole lot of other things that he wouldn’t want to disclose in public.