Google Doodle commemorates 117th Birthday Of Visual Artist Oskar Fischinger


US based Technology Company Google is celebrating 117th birthday of renowned filmmaker, animator, painter Oskar Fischinger today by making an artistic audio-visual doodle for him. The video permits you to make music by a tap on the screen. Fischinger was recognized for his outstanding work in visual music in films that hit the theatres from year 1920s to 1940s. These films helped him to gain lot of fame in the music industry. Apart from it, he even worked in the motion graphics as well as animation. The artist was famous for his abstract visuals.

Several prominent persons also gave him the title of “Master of motion and color”. He had done lot of work in handcrafts and animation.

Fischinger was a famous painter too. He was not satisfied with the technique traditional media worked. In 1970’s, he also made film-flip books that showcased motion along with movement.

Fischinger created a device known as Lumigraph that could produce chromatic display by utilizing hand actions, a kind of optical painting in movement.

The doodles that have been made today allows people to practice a sense of visual music that can be formed and personalized.