Google doodle celebrates the 100th birthday of Claude Shannon


Today's Google Doodle is celebrating the 100th birthday of Claude Shannon. The Google Doodle United States, Canada, England, India, Indonesia, Spain, Germany, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Oman has been published in countries .

Claude Elwood Shannon was born April 30, 1916 and died on 24 February 2001. He was an American mathematician, electronic engineer and cryptographer who is known as the father of information theory.

Published in 1948 concerning the establishment of the Shannon information theory is known for his historical paper, but he is credited with founding of both digital computer as well as digital circuit as he came up with the design theory.

When he was a 21-year-old graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he wrote a thesis demonstrating that electrical application of Boolean algebra to any logical, numerical relationship building and could be solved.