Google announced the arrival of Android apps on Chromebooks


Google declared the entry of Android applications on Chromebooks at I/O this year. However months after the fact, just a modest bunch of Chromebooks have gotten Google Play backing, and Google is finding a way to make it accessible to all the good Chromebooks. Fortunately, there is another cheat approach to get Play Store to take a shot at Chromebooks, and begin utilizing Android applications quickly.

Obviously, before we start to let you know the way, it is imperative to caution you that the strategy is hazardous. It obliges you to utilize the Canary channel, which is amazingly temperamental. On the off chance that the strategy reverse discharges, it could bring about some harm to your machine, and we prescribe you to push ahead at your own particular hazard.

This technique won’t deal with all models, however ought to at any rate chip away at the 50 models that Google recorded before in the year. On the off chance that you have one of these portable workstations, and need Google Play introduced promptly, empower designer mode on your Chromebook by squeezing Esc+F5+Power. At that point Press Ctrl+D and take after the directions.

After the Chromebook boots, press Ctrl+D again to bounce confirmation. Change to Canary Canal by squeezing Ctrl+Alt+T, and sort Shell in the summon provoke. At that point sort ‘sudo su’ and afterward enter ‘update_engine_client – channel=canary-channel – overhaul’ to change to canary channel.

Again press Ctrl+Alt+T > Type Shell > Type sudo su > then ‘resound ‘- empower circular segment’ >/usr/nearby/chrome_dev.conf > mount – o tie/usr/neighborhood/chrome_dev.conf/and so on/chrome_dev.conf’. Presently press Ctrl + Shift + Q two times to log out. Subsequent to marking out, sign back in and restart your machine. After the reboot, the Chromebook ought to have the Google Play Store introduced.

On the off chance that you don’t see it promptly, peruse through the Settings menu to check whether there is a choice to empower Google Play. This procedure was posted by Google Plus clients, and was initially spotted by Chrome Story.

Justin Slatten on Google Plus additionally takes note of that Toshiba Chromebook 2015 clients require not change to the Canary trench, and can discover Google Play on the engineer channel also. 9to5Google has done a full video with orderly directions also.

Client can change back to the steady Chrome OS channel at whatever time, by hitting Ctrl+Alt+T > Type Shell > Type sudo su > Enter taking after summon: update_engine_client – channel=stable-channel – redesign > and after that squeeze space bar at boot.