Golkar`s Setya Novanto Asks Ahok to Behave Better


Golkar Party chairman Setya Novanto said that Jakarta gubernatorial candidate Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama can win the city’s election in one round. Setya, however, added that it would depend on Ahok himself.

More so because he has been named as suspect in blasphemy case. According to Setya, Ahok must learn his lessons, including in making statements. “In order to gracefully achieve the expectations of Jakartans,” Setya said Thursday at Golkar office in Slipi, West Jakarta.

Setya Novanto has underlined that voters will not only see gubernatorial candidate’s programs but also their behavior. “I believe [Ahok] has changed in the wake of the [alleged blasphemy case],” Setya Novanto said.

Setya Novanto put forth the expressions taking after Ahok's good faith that he would win Jakarta gubernatorial race in one round. Ahok said he would regard progressing lawful procedures to set case for majority rules system.