GoDaddy announces availability in Hindi, Marathi and Tamil to get more SMEs onboard


New Delhi: GoDaddy, the largest domain registrar in the world has announced it's support Hindi, Marathi and Tamil to get more small businesses across India onboard to build strong online presences. GoDaddy SMB products, its website, marketing, and award winning customer support will be available in the three new languages, helping to empower the 88 percent of India’s population which is not conversant in English.

The company has been offering products and customer service in regional languages. Target Group Index (TGI) research shows over 61% of India's internet growth is coming from its regional areas.  "Over 95% business across India happens in SMEs. If these small businesses are not online, India isn't online", Rajiv Sodhi, VP and Managing Director, GoDaddy India and Australia said. 

India is the world's second-largest internet market and is also home to the second-largest SMB base globally, with over 51 million business that form a solid base for its economy. According to TGI data, 73% of those SMBs are in tier II and III cities. 

GoDaddy currently has over 62 million domains under management with 14 million paying customer. The company is currently in 53 markets, 43 currencies and 26 languages.