God is one: The Best example is Bajranji Bhaijaan


The most beloved and national award winning movie gave us some new and positive thinking over Hindu-Muslim dispute. Salman Khan the producer and main lead actor of the movie who’s Muslim by his religion and caste acted as a Pawn Kumar Chaturvedi who wore Lord Hanuman’s locket in his neck for his safety and in the whole movie he gave himself the identity of “BAJRANG BALI KA BHAKT”. Although the movie faced lot of political and religious issues at the the time  release but, the movie was loved from both the nations be it, Pakistan or India.

The movie gave the concept few things and believes are just there in mind if we remove that both the nations could be one.

Salman Khan’s film Tiger Zinda Hai box grosses Rs 151.47 crore…

The movie even showed how Salman Aka bajrangi Aka Pawan travelled all the way from India to Pakistan just for that small girl Munni ( Harshali Malhotra) that too without passport.

The movie gave the symbol and example of God is one, human are the ones maybe who divided god into several other names and rituals for god. Just, for an instance Hindus have a huge faith of going in Dargah at Ajmer not just Hindus tourists specially come to visit Dargah and worship there. In fact, few people even try to follow up religious beliefs of Muslims whenever they go Dargah. Prayers and worship is all what we need to do different names of God is just a kind faith in god.

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Salman gave us amazing examples in the movie by portraying himself as Bajrangi ” Bajrang Bali Ka Bhakt”.