Go through these beauty Hacks of using salt!


There is a saying that having consuming salt is very beneficial for our health. It is added in almost every dish to get a perfect taste. Salt not only increase the taste of food but also provides lot of benefits to health. By bathing with salt water, our body helps to get rid of several diseases. Salt is very helpful for hair as well as skin. Check out some benefits of salt:

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(1) Oily hair: –

Often it has been seen that many women are very troubled by their oily hair. Some women have oily hair due to which they do shampoo several times in a week. But now you do not have to worry. One should apply salt on oily hair to get rid of oil. For this, add 23 spoons of salt in your shampoo bottle and then wash hair with it. This will remove hair viscosity.

Image result for Oily hair:(2) Glowing Skin:

Salt is used not only in the food but it is also helpful for skin. For this, add 2 teaspoons of salt in half cup and add coconut oil to it. Apply this mixture on your skin and scrub it properly. It will help to remove dead skin from face and will provide glow to face. For this, you can also use rock salt instead of ordinary salt. This is considered as the best remedy for skin cleansing.

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(3) Broken ankle:

It is common among person that the ankle of legs gets damaged as the weather changes. The broken ankle destroys the beauty of feet. For this use, prepare a mixture by adding salt to olive oil. Then use it on the ankles. By using this remedy 2 to 3 times a week, you will get relief from this problem soon.

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