Global metals award for Liberty’s Sanjeev Gupta


Sanjeev Gupta, chairman of the international industrials and metals group Liberty House that recently acquired some UK assets of Tata Steel, has been awarded a global metals award.

Gupta got the title “CEO of the Year” at the S&P Global Platts Global Metals Awards occasion here on Thursday evening that was gone to by senior industry figures from over the world. He was browsed a waitlist of ten top metals industry officials who lead conspicuous organizations in Europe, Asia, North America and Australia.

In the previous year and a half, Gupta contributed more than £500 million to secure and pivot metals, vitality and building operations over the UK, sparing more than 5,000 employments all the while. He has in this way sought after mining and metals resources in the US and Australia.

“Since mid-2015, Liberty has moved from being to a great extent an exchanging substance to end up noticeably one of the UK’s biggest mechanical managers and proprietor of the nation’s last aluminum smelter, its biggest steel plate process and biggest piece liquefying limit,” a Liberty House articulation said.

The group recently completed the acquisition of Tata’s speciality steels business – now Liberty Speciality Steels – which supplies high-esteem steels to car, aviation, modern and vitality customers around the world.

Gupta connected the “greensteel” plan of action intended to secure a focused, low-carbon future for metal produce through reusing, utilization of sustainable power source and vertical reconciliation with esteem included building exercises.

Commenting on the award, he said: “This has been an extraordinary period for our group as we pursue our Greensteel vision for a resilient, high-value metals industry. It is hugely encouraging for our work to be recognised in this way by our peers in the industry.”