Glam up yourself with these easy Makeup Tips

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When it comes to going out on a date or in parties, our mind gets confused in how to dress up? So many things going on your mind like what to wear, which earrings to choose, which nail paint to put on, whether to go with a neck piece or without it, which shoes will look the best and thousands of other things and are you running out of time in all this? Well, here are some of the quick makeup tips for you to look glam on your date night.

Quick beauty tips of ‘Ghee’

Fresh Skin-

Before applying the makeup, it’s necessary to wash you face cleanly with warm water using a good face wash.

Apply Moisturizer, Primer and Foundation-

In case your skin is oily, it’s better to avoid moisturizer. Apply primer which will give a nice base to your skin tone and then apply a matt foundation.

Use Concealer-

Apply concealer to the area that needs to be covered like dark circles under your eyes, any kind of pimples or scars. Apply face powder to balance it all.

Eyebrows Filling-

Girls with thin eyebrows can choose an eyebrow pencil to fill your brows and then blend it with brow hairs.

Cheekbones Highlighter-

Apply highlighter to give sharp look to your nose bridge and under the eyes.

Eye Make-up-

Apply a bit of brown eye shadow to the lids and then blend it well then put a thin layer of eyeliner. Don’t forget to apply kajal on the lower eyelids and mascara to your eyelashes.

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Apply Blusher-

Do not use much of the blush as it will spoil the entire makeup. Just apply little bit with finger tips and blend it well.


Avoid applying lip-gloss as it can make your lips look oily and may be post having dinner it can get wiped off and then your lips will look like all blank.



Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures