Give your hands different look with these nailpaints


Festival is a special season and everyone loves to dress up totally different from one another. To look ADORABLE, girls must also focus on their nail paint and it must suit the best with your attires.

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Here’s the different of nail colors that you can apply –

  • Metallic nail paint

These nail paints have been in trend since years. If you are thinking of using different nail paint, then the metallic nail paint is best for you. It will help to give you a stylish and classy look.

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  • Aqua Blue Color

You can try this nail paint on any occasion. These colors give you a bold and brighter look but it will not provide bold look like neon color.

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  • Neon Color

If you like bright and bold look, then neon nail paint is perfect for you as it will make you look glamorous.

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  • Deep Purple Color

After applying this nail paint, you will look dark and deep for a moment, but after a while, it will enhance the beauty of your hands and will give you such a amazing look. Apart from this, it is best to use this shade in any party or function.

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