Gita Gopinath’s appointment as Kerala CM’s economic advisor..


Kerala: Gita Gopinath, renowned economist and Harvard Professor who has been appointed as Financial Advisor to Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan is least bothered about the controversies circled her appointment. The 38 year old Professor who hails from Kannur, the home district of Chief Minister, told media that she looked forward in serving the state in her new role.

Her appointment stirred a political controversy in the Left-ruled state.The reason for the controversy is that Gopinath is thought to advocate neo-liberal economics, while the CPI(Marxist) government, opposes such policies on a national scale. She is seen as standing for everything that the CPI(M)-led government in Kerala does not. Neoliberal economics believes in a free market.

According to media reports, Gopinath said that her position is 'honorary', and that she won't be involved in economic policy decisions. She also said that she will only advise the CM on economic policy, and connect the various departments to other leaders in the world. It is up to the CM and the other departments to take it forward, she is reported to have said.