Girls sent drug dealers Pictures and Texts, Hyderabad Schools told to act


At least 20 top schools and 16 colleges in Hyderabad have been requested by the government to find a way to check the utilization of drugs including LSD among students, some of whom are as young as 13.

A letter sent on Monday to prestigious international and privately run schools seen by media says that teachers should counsel students about the dangers of substance use, monitor the zones around the school, watch out for students carrying significant amounts of cash or cards and be alert to “erratic/deviant behaviour.”

The advisory states that students as “young as Class 8 or 9” are purchasing party drug MDMA and LSD.

Yesterday, one of a leading news channel detailed that the arrests of seven drug dealers in the IT hub has uncovered that students at the city’s most prestigious educational institutions are among 1,000 alleged customers who were using WhatsApp and other messenger services to purchase what officials referred to as “high-end” drugs.

A WhatsApp message from a young lady shown to media by an official said “I liked the drug. It gave me an about 12-hour high. I want more, can u arrange?”. She was referring to LSD.

Officials likewise said that one school girl offered a dealer photos of herself in exchange for drugs.

None of the students’ names have been uncovered, not to the schools, so that they are not punished or singled out.

Officials say they are committed to protecting their identity and no legal cases will be brought against them. Their folks have been alerted confidentially to the issue.