Girl kills her best friend in love triangle


JAIPUR: A minor hailing from Churu was killed by her 17-year-old friend after she found that the girl was allegedly having an affair with her friend’s husband.

The incident came into light when the the body of Babita aged nearly 17 years was found floating over the pond on November 6 by the police officials. At first it was assumed to be death by drowning by the police and the body was sent for the post mortem, but after recording the statements of the family members and the other local people the investigation officers were convinced that it was a case of a pre-planned murder.

Yogendra Faujdar, additional superintendent of Police, Churu told the media that Babita’s childhood friend Manisha also aged nearly 17 years was rounded up by the police and the girl told cops that she was extremely angry with Babita and in the wake of revenge she had killed her.

“Manisha was married to Ajay, an army Jawan posted in Jammu. Manisha was suspicious of Babita and thought that there was some illicit affair brewing between Ajay and Babita,” Faujdar said.

Manisha suspected that her friend Babita and her husband Ajay used to talk to each other over phone. On November 6, Manisha called up Babita to accompany her to the Charnwasi bus stand near Ratangarh.

“Manisha told her friend that Ajay is coming to the town and she would be happy if Babita could accompany her to the bust stand. There is a pond near the bus stand where both friends sat down,” Faujdar said.

Manisha after a few hours started pretending that she had lost her wedding ring by accidently dropping it in the pond. “Both of them were sitting with their legs half submerged into pond water, Manisha then requested Babita to get her wedding ring by diving into the pond or else Ajay would be very upset with her,” Faujdar said.

Assuming the pond to be only a few feet deep, Babita took a dive into the pond, and then realized that the pond was actually 25 feet deep. “When Babita tried to come out of the pond with the help of a rope, Manisha kicked her in the chest due to which Babita fell into the pond and drowned into the pond,” police said.

The police on Wednesday took Manisha into custody, and booked her under section 302 (Murder) of the IPC.