Giant Python and bat fought to death as the snake tried to eat the small creature


A huge python tries to gulp down a bat as the animals battle to the passing in this stomach-agitating film.

The frightful video caught in Brisbane, Australia, demonstrates the creatures secured battle while swinging from a tree.

Fortunately for the bat, the non-venomous python surrenders and drops the winged-animal to the ground.

The shocking video was taken by wind catcher Tony Morrison, who posted on his : “This snake couldn’t move beyond the wings of the bat and chose to surrender.”

He told the: “It couldn’t move beyond the wings, so after 30 minutes he just dropped the bat on the ground.

Mr Morrison added that it was normal to discover cover python in the region and they are not a danger to people.

He stated: “We in the end moved the snake not far off into bushland, in light of the fact that it was in a zone where children would cross to get the chance to class.”

Cover pythons are regularly found in trees and bushes yet in addition move around in open zones, similar to the woods floor or on shake faces.