Ghaziabad: 2 workers killed after inhaling toxic gas in factory


Ghaziabad: In Ghaziabad on Sunday two workers killed following falling unconscious within a 10-feet-deep tank of a fabric dyeing section. Sources also conveyed that, the workers annoying to clean an effluent treatment plant when they inhaled toxic gas and fell unconscious. At about 6 pm the occurrence took place in Arya Nagar, Loni Industrial Estate.

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They were recognized as Arvind (30) and Bijender (48). Unit workers further conveyed that Arvind entered the tank with the help of a ladder and was filling the bucket lowered by Bijender with dirty water. Bijender was unfailing the pails of water outside the tank.

The two fell unconscious and were taken out from the tank by other labourer Shivam who entered the tank following covering his face with a stole. Shivam further conveyed that, they cleaned the tank and only an ankle-deep watery slush was left.

Arvind abruptly fell unconscious and Bijender down inside to check him. They must have gasped toxic gas. We initially pulled out Bijender and then Arvind. I too felt tremendously nauseating breathing the air within the tank.

Another Zakir (30), who was concerned in the rescue actions also felt sick and was hurried to the GTB Hospital down with Arvind, Bijender and Shivam. The four men were taken to the hospital.

Whereas Zakir and Shivam were discharged following treatment, Arvind and Bijender were announced brought dead. Ramesh Chand further added that, I was not there in the factory throughout the occurrence and hurried there on getting the information. The unit has a valid consent from the pollution control board.

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