How to get rid of waxing pain?



Every girl is beauty conscious these days. To remove extra hair from the body, girl prefers to go to parlor and do waxing. They often face pain while doing waxing. I am telling you some tips that will help to reduce pain.

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Never drink coffee in the morning when you want to do waxing as it contains lot of Caffeine.

Take bath from lukewarm water before doing waxing. It will help to make your skin smooth and soft.

Don loose-fitting clothes instead of stiff clothes after waxing as you might face skin problems.

After doing wax, don’t forget to apply an Aloe vera gel or some lotion on your skin. Your skin will get soft.

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Waxing should not be done during menstruation as the skin becomes sensitive during this time. Keep in mind that waxing should not be done when your waxing date is near. The perfect time to do waxing is when your period is over.