How to get prosperity at home?


New year has come and everybody wants happiness and prosperity this year. In the starting of year, people usually buy variety of things from the market to get happiness attheir home. Check out what you should bring during this season :

Measures to take on Sunday

Kuber Deities are believed to be god of wealth. There are several items available to please them. The person faces no difficulties when Kuber is happy. Kuber should be given place in the middle of north.

Rhinestone Shivling is filled with positive energy. This Shivling removes negativity from home. All the diseases can be treated by bringing this shivling at home.

Rhinestone of Turtle is believed to be very sacred in Vastu Shastra. As per Vastu, the turtle of rhinestone gives wealth related benefits. The rhythmic turtle should be placed in the north direction in such a way that his mouth should be in the inside of the house. It is considered that Lakshmi comes in the house by keeping rhinestone of turtle.

Ranthambore: The Trinetra Chamatkari Mandir

Place Buddha statue at home to get happiness and prosperity in the house. It should be placed at the main entrance of home.