To Get A Good Parking Spot, Man Drives Car Over Security Guard


A guard in Shenzhen, in China’s Guangdong area, went beyond the call of duty to prevent a car from entering a parking area – by resting on the ground directly before the vehicle. Notwithstanding, halting the car, the driver kept running over the guard make his way into the lot.

A video shared on Facebook demonstrates the guard attempting to first stop the car by standing before it. In any case, when that doesn’t work, he basically lies on the ground with the expectation that his exertion can prevent the car to from getting into the parking area. Tragically, it wasn’t sufficient. In any case, But that’s some commitment to one’s work – and finding the right spot for one’s car.

As indicated by Shanghaiist, the guard wasn’t seriously harmed in the episode. The police is likewise exploring the matter.