Get Up Early to Stay Fit


In my childhood days I remember when my parents would enter my room and start saying its 8’ o clock when it would be only 6’o clock and we used to get up and get ready for our school. It’s was a highly torcher for us getting up too early and getting ready for our school. But there was something more important than this was if we would get ready on time then my father would drop me to school which was more fun rather than taking this as torcher. And due to this I would reach my school too early and would sit in the class and revise my lessons.

Getting up early is very good for our health.

Now when I have to reach office by 10 automatically my sleep open by 8 or sometimes 9. When we were in our childhood we had a perfect routine for everything. We used to do everything so systematically but now everything goes up and down. We don’t know how many diseases have made home in our body. We have forgotten those teachings of our elders, but now I have recalled those tips and now I feel more energetic and fresh everyday.

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Advantages of getting up early

If your parents advise you to get up early, it is good to obey them because getting early in morning gives freshness in our body and you don’t have to do things in hurry you have ample of time to do things. And you even get time for workout.

Eat food on time

This is liked by every father if everyone in house eats food on time. By eating food on time our body gets time to digest food and body functions properly and smoothly. This also helps in weight control.  If you follow this routine of eating food on time its very beneficial and profitable for health.

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Sleep Early

If you sleep late and rise up early then this will harm your health.  Do you remember those days when our parents scolded us for sleeping late this is because if you sleep late and get up early then you sleep will complete and this will cause headaches, irritation and many more health problems. And body will catch diseases easily and frequently.

You must have heard this,

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.