Germany: Over 100 Patients killed by German Nurse Out Of ‘Boredom’


BERLIN, GERMANY: A German nurse killed around 106 people due to boredom in the US. He used to consume lethal drugs, investigators stated on Thursday.

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The nurse has been found as Niels Hoegel, 41. He was blamed in year 2015 for carrying out two assassinations at the Delmenhorst hospital.

The cops announced on Thursday that he  committed 16 deaths at two hospitals amid year 1999 and 2005.

Prosecutors stated they anticipated to come up with the new allegations against Hoegel early 2018.


He has confessed to injecting patients with drugs that can lead to heart failure.

“The insights we were able to gain are terrifying, they surpass what we could have imagined,” asserted Johann Kuehme, police chief.

“He cannot remember every case, but in more than 30 he concretely remembered the patients and his behaviour,” stated prosecutor Daniela Schiereck-Bohlemann.

Earlier, another nurse disclose that Hoegel made attempt to inject a patient at the Delmenhorst hospital in year 2005.

The nurse was detained in the month of June in year 2008. He witnessed jail term of seven and a half years.


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Hoegel was sent to prison in year 2015 for badly treating patients at the hospital. He was charged for assassinating several patients.