German : Two died, four wounded in nightclub shooting


Germany : Two died and four others wounded in a firing by gunman at a nightclub in southern Germany on Sunday morning.

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A 34-year-old assailant was badly wounded in a gunshot with police officers. He was taken to the hospital later to undergo treatment.

“The motives of the man, who probably acted alone, are not known yet,” they said.

Officers started getting emergency calls from horrified clubbers at around 4:30 am following the man started shooting in the nightclub in an industrial zone in Germany. In the firing, one person died on the spot and three other were injured.

One officer was also wounded in the firing.

Horrified nightclubbers had either rushed the building or identified a place to conceal, police stated.

Several forces and helicopters were enforced in the area for the safety of people.

Local broadcaster SWR stated that the attackers were carrying an automatic pistol.

A bouncer made attempts at the spot to stop the assailant but he was himself wounded by the attacker, SWR stated.

The firing started following Germany was traumatized by a knife attack in the northern port city of Hamburg two days back.

In the attack, one individual died and six others wounded at a supermarket.

He was a recognized Islamist with mental issues, and specialists say his thought processes stay vague.

Germany has been on high caution about the risk of a jihadist assault, particularly since last December’s truck run riot through a Berlin Christmas advertise that take the lives of around 12 people.

However, it has likewise been hit by different attacks not linked to the jihadist menace.

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In recent years, the horrific incident was Munich shopping center attack by 18-year-old German-Iranian man which left 10 individuals dead involving the shooter himself.