Gay Vultures become proud fathers after hatching abandoned egg


The ARTIS Zoo in Amsterdam has new family member – an infant Griffon vulture. But the story of how the vulture infant came to the world is even more incredible. The egg was hatched by a male same sex vulture couple at the zoo.

“We have had them for a few years. They always build a nest together, bond and mate together. But, as two males, the one thing they couldn’t do was lay an egg,” zookeeper Job Van Tol told media.

The two vultures have been living at the zoo since 2010 and have been in a long standing relationship for years. The egg was found in the aviary with nobody nursing it. At the point when the zookeepers couldn’t discover any couple at the zoo to nurse the egg, they chose to place it in the male couple’s home.

“We climbed up the rock to take a little peek and see what happens. Then we saw this little chick moving under these brave guys, and that was an unbelievable sight,” the zookeeper said.

So, how have the couple divided the infant duties? Zookeeper Job Van Told revealed to media that one of them remains in the home to keep the chick warm and shields it from others. The other goes out to discover food for the 20-day-old chick, he said.

Here’s a video of the young one with one of the daddies

As per the zoo, while homosexuality is very normal in the animal world, particularly in birds. it’s rare for a same sex couple to hatch an egg.