Gay baboon attacks African village, rapes 5 men

Demo pic

A gay baboon has attacked an African village striking terror among men all over the village due to his sexual orientation. The huge male baboon professedly likes to grab and mound human guys.

In the previous week, this specific monkey has assaulted more than six men. The primate binds bystanders who don’t avoid the fierce creature.

One victim of the monkey, stated, “”I thought it needed to murder me, yet acknowledged it was after my bum.”

Five men from the town were admitted to the healing center yesterday after they said that they were encountering intense butt-centric torment. The monkey, known as Somizi, more often than not voyages alone.

“The mandrill may be a pariah, and pursued far from its troop. That is the reason it is voyaging alone; yet with regards to the reason it’s assaulting just guys, it beats me. I have never observed that conduct in my 20 years in this field,” Sundiatapost cited Lizzie McKenzie as saying.

Kids in the town are wearing preventive dresses until the gay monkey has been dealt with.