Gauahar Khan lashes out at ex Kushal Tandon, says ‘don’t want to be friends’ remark


Mumbai: The love story of Gauahar Khan and Kushal Tandon was out in the open during the seventh season of Bigg Boss. . Kushal Tandon – Gauahar Khan were once an ideal couple. They were collectively addressed by their fans as Gaushal -such was the love between them. But within about a year, their relationship went kaput.

Recently, in an interview Kushal Tandon was asked about his terms with ex-girlfriend Gauahar Khan and what he said, it has literally annoyed the lady. After Kushal Tandon’s comment, Gauhar Khan took to Snapchat and proved that she is not here to tolerate crap. The issue that led to their split is still a mystery but we can certainly say that they have grown so apart that they can’t even remain friends now.

According to report, Gauahar took to SnapChat to post a video saying that it is disappointing to see people taking your name o make headlines in their work articles. She also said, “There are two golden words that people can use. 'No Comments'. You don't need to answer everything that the journalist ask.” Well, things have turned really very sour between them. Interestingly, Kushal is still friends with two of his exes.