Ganpati bhakt auto driver Rameez Shaikh gives free ride to man rushing to mosque



  • Man overlooked his wallet while he rode to the mosque for Friday petitions.
  • Auto driver didn't simply give a free ride, he gave cash for his next ride as well.
  • Overwhelmed by his liberality the man shared his story on Facebook.

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We regularly go over stories of individuals who re-ingrain the desire for a superior world. Here is an expansion to such stories.

Mumbai occupant Rameez Shaikh made a Facebook post describing how a nice thought by an auto-rickshaw driver moved him. Occurrence happened on Friday while he was en route to the mosque.

Rameez had deserted his wallet in his office in a hurry to make it on schedule for the congregational petition. Understanding this, he asked for the auto-rickshaw driver, Shuklaji, to sit tight for him at the mosque and take him back to the workplace with the goal that he could pay the toll.

Shuklaji, a fervent adherent of Lord Ganesh, told Rameez, "Aap bhagwan ke kaam ke liye jaa rahe ho, aap strain matt lena," and said he'd drop him.

Shuklaji, be that as it may, declined to hold up since he needed to get to some other spot. When they achieved the mosque, Rameez was shocked by what Shuklaji did.

The driver gave him a free ride as well as offered him cash for his voyage back to the workplace.

Rameez, in his post, said that he didn't take the cash, and that he shared this story as a tribute to Shuklaji's generosity.He finished his post saying, "Shuklaji could be a generalization breaker for somewhere in the range of; an "autowala", "Ganpati bhakt" with "vast red tilak on brow" making a special effort to ensure that a kindred human of another confidence gets the opportunity to ask his god with all the peace."

The endearing post has turned into a web sensation with near 8,000 shares.

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