Ganpati Bappa Arrived On Teachers Day Says Bye On Engineer’s Day


The whole country saw a splash of spring festival in a different style this year. The arrival date and the time of immersion is somewhat unique. Teachers' Day this year is the arrival date of Lord Ganesha. Ten days after when the day of their immersion fittingly came it coincided with Engineer Day. Ganpati Bappa came as an school student, and shall be back being an engineer.

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The Engineer's Day is celebrated in the country on 15 September. in memory of engineer and Bharat Ratna Sir M Bisweshwaryya Bartiyr the day is celebrated.  On this day was born Sir M Bisweshwaryya. Engineer's Day is celebratedin his memory.

While the entire nation is dipped in Ganesh festival celebrations. During these ten days of Bappa many different areas of the country hall is decorated, they have been serving the devotees full ten days. Small statues of Ganesha are decorated in the markets. Many cultural events are held at the festival.


Today Ganesh immersion is being celebrated with a  great fanfare across the country. According to the regional recognition Ganesha stays a day, 3 days, 7 days or 10 days in the house, but Ganesh festival originated from Ganesh Chaturthi  ends only on anantchaturdashi only. The Ganesh immersion should be done on this day in all cases.


Overall, today is the day of immersion of Ganpati Bappa arrived when they will take away from all of us. Hopefully next year as well he will arrive in unique way.

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