Gandhinagar: PM Modi’s mother walks to bank to exchange old notes


AHMEDABAD: Heeraben the 97-year-old mother of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi today herself visited a bank branch at her village in Gandhinagar, just like other citizens, and exchanged her old currency notes of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 worth Rs 4500 that her son has declared as demonetized a week ago.

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The pictures of the old woman being helped to the counter come at a time when the opposition parties are busy criticizing the Modi government for the inconvenience the demonetisation has caused to the public

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In pictures that were seen to fortify the Prime Minister’s appeal to natives compelled to remain in long lines at banks and ATMs, his mom landed in a wheelchair at a private bank branch close to her home.

She sat tight and was helped by her relatives as she strolled into swap Rs. 4,500 worth currency notes of Rs. 500 denomination.

Heeraben later posed with a fresh out of the box new Rs. 2,000 currency note given to her. She was practically mobbed by correspondents when she ventured out.

Heeraben, otherwise called Hiraba, lives with her younger child Pankaj Modi. The PM last visited her on his birthday on September 17.

On Monday, PM Modi addressed a huge crowd in Uttar Pradesh telling the people that he knew about the troubles confronted by the individuals, however they should keep patience for 50 more days, for the best results. “I am truly tormented by the burden and that is the reason I am working resolutely to individuals beat this circumstance,” he claimed.

Millions the across the nation have been compelled to invest hours attempting to exchange or withdraw money at banks and ATMs since the PM all of a sudden hauled out the two denomination currency notes from course last Tuesday. PM Modi said the intense stride was important to bring out black money or undeclared income stashed by the degenerate.

More than 45 billion dollars of old notes were deposited in banks in the initial five days after the boycott was declared.

To facilitate the crunch, the administration yesterday expanded the week after week money withdrawal utmost to Rs. 24,000 and said upto Rs. 4,500 worth of old notes can be swapped for new ones. At ATMs, individuals can pull back upto Rs. 2,500 for every card for each day.

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