Fuel Prices: Petrol price decrease by 89 paise, Diesel by 49 paise per litre


New Delhi: On Thursday Shares of three community subdivision oil marketing companies gained 1.96% to 3.52% at 09:51 IST on BSE subsequent to prices of petrol and diesel were revised with effect from midnight of 30 June 2016. The administration decrease the worth of petrol by Rs. 0.89 a litre and that of diesel by Rs. 0.49 per litre. Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. resolute to influence the prices of petrol and diesel at midnight.

With this alter, the price of Petrol in Delhi will turn out to be Rs. 64.76/litre while diesel will at the present be priced at Rs. 54.70/litre. The present height of international product prices of Petrol & Diesel and INR-USD swap rate warrant diminish in selling prices of together Petrol and Diesel, the crash of which is being approved on to the customers with this price amendment. The pressure group of prices in the international oil market and INR-USD swap over rate shall carry on to be monitored intimately and mounting trends of the marketplace will be reflected in future price changes.