FTII Makes New Students Sign ‘Decorum’ Affidavit over Protests cases


Mumbai: After months of protests over the appointment of Gajendra Chouhan as the chairman of the Film and Television Institute (FTII), the film institute has come up with a plan to ensure new students don't indulge in protests. Meanwhile All the new students are to submit a 'general conduct' affidavit that bars them from violating 'decorum and decency on the campus' and 'insulting' the faculty members.

The campus that came to standstill for three months last year after the students took to the street protesting strongly against the appointment of Gajendra Chauhan as FTII Chairman. The affidavit is among five affidavits that have to be submitted by the students on a Rs-100 stamp paper. “…I agree to maintain decorum and decency on the campus, including in hostel and staff residential areas, and in any circumstances would not be insulting to the faculty, staff members and elders,” it says.

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“I understand that the institute has full right to initiate disciplinary proceedings against me for violation of any of its rules & regulation by me,” says the “self-declaration affidavit by the candidate for general conduct on FTII campus”.

The affidavit also makes it clear that hostel accommodation is not the right of a student. “I understand that accommodation in FTII may be provided only on the basis of its availability, subject to fulfilling other terms and conditions,” it says.