This fruit work wonders on body..

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Water Chestnut is popular as ‘Singhara’ in hindi. It is a fruit which involves abundant amount of Vitamin A, Citric acid, phosphorous, protein, vitamin c, nicotinic acid, manganese, carbohydrate, zinc, sodium, iodine, iron etc. All these necessary nutrients works well in providing relief from various health issues including throat infection, stomach problems, pregnancy issue, hair problems and jaundice etc.

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Water Chestnut is very beneficial for asthma patients. By eating singhara on daily basis, breathing problems can be treated.

Consumption of water chestnut provides relief from menstruation problem.

Cracked feet can be cured by eating water chestnut. Apart from this, swelling problem is reduced by applying a paste of singhara on it.

Calcium is found in great amount in water chestnut. By eating it both bones and teeth gets strong. It is also beneficial for eyes.

Pregnant woman should also eat water chestnut as this reduces the risk of miscarriage. Apart from this, the problems of periods are also cured.

Problems related to blood can be easily treated by consumption of water chestnut. It is also beneficial in the treatment of urinary diseases.

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Singhara is a great energy booster. It is suggested to consume during fast. Iodine is also found in great amount in it which protects throat diseases.

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