Frozen Hot Chocolate Coffee Recipe



Baking & spices

1 Chocolate curls

3 Cocoa packets, hot

1 Whipped cream

Hyderabadi food, much more than Biryani and Shahi Tukra


2 cups Milk


3 cups Ice

1. Start with a mug of milk or water. Iced chocolate made with milk has a much richer flavor. You may use water instead, but it's not recommended unless you do not drink milk.

You can experiment with various milk substitutes as well.

2. Mix in cocoa powder and sugar to taste. Start with one teaspoon (5mL) of each ingredient and adjust from there. You may use baking cocoa or unsweetened cocoa powder.

Dutch processed cocoa powder is less bitter, which most people prefer for drinking.

3. You may replace both ingredients with a pre-made hot chocolate mix, but these mixes tend to have tons of sugar and almost no chocolate.

Microwave for 30–45 seconds. Yes, this recipe is for iced chocolate. But in a cold liquid, cocoa powder and sugar tend to clump. Warm the liquid just enough to dissolve the powder with a quick stir.

4. Chill for 30–60 minutes. Let it cool for a few minutes at room temperature, then move it to the fridge. Your chocolate should chill in about half an hour to an hour, depending on how cold your fridge is.

You can put the drink in the freezer for 5–10 minutes instead, but remember to take it out before it freezes. It's best to move it a plastic container first, since mugs and glasses can crack with rapid chilling.

5  Add ice. Add a few ice cubes to keep it cold, then drink. If you want a slushy drink instead, blend it with the ice in a food processor or strong blender.

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