Fringe Tamil members opposes Rajinikanth’s entry into politics


Individuals from a fringe pro-Tamil group burnt an effigy of performing artist Rajinikanth, restricting his entrance into politics.

With the ‘Tamizhar Munnetra Padai’ wanting to picket the performing artist’s home at Poes Garden, security was stepped up there. The slogan-raising activists burnt an effigy of the on-screen character at the busy Cathedral Road, police stated, including that scores of individuals from the group were detained.

The activists raised slogans against Rajinikanth’s possible entry into politics, an issue which has gained steam following his hints a week ago that he could take the plunge. The performing artist’s Kannada origins are regularly a point of discussion in Tamil Nadu, with pro Tamil groups raising the pitch whenever the Cauvery river water sharing dispute between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka escalates.

The “Kabali” star had, however, a week ago stated his Tamil identity, saying his native place was a village in Krishnagiri district in Tamil Nadu.

“Naan pachai Tamizhan (I am a pure Tamil)….if you ask me to get out and discard me, I will land just in the Himalayas (which he frequents) and not in some other state,” he had said.

Meanwhile, Rajinikanth, who met his fans and clicked pictures with them a week ago, today posed for photos with the relatives of his staff and “close friends,” sources near the veteran star said.