Friendship Which Lasts Longer Than 7 Years Is Likely To Last Lifetime


“Love is blind”. It is not just a saying. But the scientists also agree with this. They say that the studies have shown that being in love prevents the activities of mind of seeing someone with critical eyes.

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Whether you will fall in love with someone, or does your heart beats on seeing someone, what happens when you have an eye contact with someone, all this is according to Science. Mind works behind all this.

If you are afraid of love, you are a victim of “Filofobia”. Fear to love someone is generally considered normal thing, but the truth is that people really do not know that the fear to love someone is known as “Filofobia” syndrome.

The more the time two lovers stay together the lesser is the need of saying I Love You..

On embracing someone for 20 seconds the body releases oxytocin. It helps you in deciding that how much trust you can do on that person in the upcoming time Scientists say friendship which lasts more than 7 years, can never break again. The two friends may get offended and stop talking, but the friendship will never ends.

Most people do emotional confessions at night on messaging. Women who play online games, are generally happy in their relationship.

Men spends a year of their life staring at women.

According to a psychological study of people when you are single, you prefer to see happy couples. In contrast, after the wedding most people seem to follow and find singles to be happy.

Women's love in 14 days.

If couple see in each other's eyes for 15 seconds continuously, their hearts will start beating as one.

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