Fresh Fruit Custard!



Custard powder, Vanilla flavor – 3 tbsp

Milk- 2 cups or 500 ml

Sugar – 5 tbsp

Mixed Fruits – 1/2 cup

Honey – 2 tbsp

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Use banana, mango, pomegranate pearls, plums, strawberries, apple, pineapple and cherries.

Make sure that all the fruits are not over ripe and squishy.

Wash the fruits, then Pit and remove the seeds from seeded and stoned fruits.

Chop the fruits finely and put them in a big bowl.

Pour honey all over and toss well. Cover up the bowl and refrigerate the fruits till it is time to serve.


How to Prepare Custard:

Take 1/4 cup milk in a bowl separately and put it aside.

Heat the remaining milk in a pan and when it begins to boil, add sugar and stir it well

Then leave the milk and let it boil over medium flame.

To the earlier 1/4 cup milk bowl, add custard powder and mix well till the lumps disappear.

Add this paste to the boiling milk and stir well to mix.

Keep cooking over the consistent flame as the custard thickens.

Be careful, the custard does not touch the bottom of the pan just keep stirring continuously for 3-4 minutes.

Remove from stove and let the custard gets cool.

Transfer the custard to a serving bowl and cover up the bowl to prevent a skin from forming on top of the custard and refrigerate till use.

Refrigerate both for at least an hour.

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How to serve fruit custard:

Remove the wraps and whisk the custard to make sure there are no lumps and it is totally smooth.

In individual serving bowls, place small scoops of chilled fruits till it is half then Pour the custard all over the fruits till the bowl is almost full and let it settle down.

Serve with some chilled pomegranate pearls sprinkled and a cherry on top.