French Fries – Increases Risk of Death


Whenever anyone listens the name of French Fries water comes automatically in our mouth. Do you know this increases risk of your death? A new study has proved that French Fries can increase your risk of death.

According to study, if you consume oily fried fries twice a week you are increasing your risk. If you are a French Fries lover then be alert! French Fries can increase high Blood Pressure and cancer.

A new research has found that the most consumed vegetable potato contains potassium which is harmful. After eight years of research it has been proved that fried potato chips and French Fries can increase your death risk.

The research was conducted in American Journal of Clinical Institution that the person who eats French Fries twice a week has chances of getting heart attack more than those who don’t eat. In this research 4440 persons were included of 45 to 79 age group. They were under 8 years of investigation and out of these 236 is death.