French Church attack : Authorities close to find second attacker


According  to the French media report, French investigators believe that they are closed to find the second culprit who killed a priest in his own church on Tuesday.

They believe he could be the4 same4 person as a man they have been hunting since last week afterv a tip-off.

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One of the two church attackers  has already been named by police as 19-year old Adel Kermcihe.

So-called Islamic Satate has reached a video of what it says are the two-men pledging allegiance to the group.

Fr Jacques Hamel,86,had his throat cut in the attack at a church in a Normandy suburb, while a worshipper was left seriously  injured.

Both  of the attacker were shot dead b y police  after they took hostages.

Officers are said to have found an ID Card at the home of Kermiche belonging to an individual named as Abdelmalik P, from Aix-les-Bains in eastern France.

It is not known whether this is the second assailant, whose face was severely distorted by the police shooting.

Le Monde reports (in French) that Abdelmalik P unequivocally takes after a man as of now being looked for by security administrations over fears he was going to complete an assault.

The powers have done DNA tests on the body of the second aggressor.

The video discharged by IS shows two men talking in Arabic and alluding to IS pioneer Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. One holds a bit of paper on which the IS banner is printed.

It was posted by the Amaq news organization, the media arm of IS, and has not been checked by French police.

Gives an account of Tuesday said the men had shot the assault, however it is not clear where the video posted by Amaq was recorded.

The killing in Normandy came 12 days after the lorry assault in Nice in which 84 individuals kicked the bucket. The Nice executioner likewise swore steadfastness to IS.

A few top French media outlets have said they will quit distributed the names and pictures of assailants connected to IS to attempt to counteract them getting to be celebrated.

Prior on Wednesday, French religious pioneers called for more security at spots of love the nation over.

Delegates of Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Buddhist beliefs talked subsequent to meeting President Francois Hollande.

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