Freedom 251 Delivery Kicked Off, Claims Ringing Bells


Ringing Bells, the Noida-based company that got the limelight after announcing a smart phone at an astounding low price of Rs. 251 five months back, on Friday asserted it has begun to deliver the world’s cheapest smartphone in five states.

“Out of the 5,000 units of Freedom 251 phone that we committed to deliver in the first phrase, we have started with the delivery of 2,240 phones today through couriers and distributors,” Ringing Bells Director Mohit Goel said.

This includes 605 phones in Himachal Pradesh, 540 phones in West Bengal, 484 phones in Bihar, 390 in Haryana and 221 phones in Uttarakhand.

Goel added that the company will kick off the delivery of 2,000 smartphone tomorrow. Of the lot, 365 phones will go to consumers in Rajasthan, 223, phones in Delhi, 521 in Maharashtra, 364 phones in Punjab, 194 in Madhya Pradesh, 108 in J&K and 225 phones in Jharkhand.

“The rest 760 phones are going to be delivered in UP on Monday (July 11) across five areas including, Meerut, Noida, Ghaziabad, among others,” Goel said.

Buyers will have to roll out Rs. 291, including Rs. 40 as the delivery charge for the Freedom 251.

Once the delivery in UP initiates on July 11, Goel claimed that the company would start working on the plan for the next lot of 2,00,000 smartphones.

“The parts have already aggregated at the factory,” he pointed out.

In February, the company announced the Freedom 251 sporting a quad-core processor, a 4-inch screen, front and back camera at an astonishing low price of 251. While it got a mad rush of more than 7 crore people bumping to register, the prototype turned out to be produced by another manufacturer with its logo covered when presented to media.

This gave a way to buyer’s protests and inquiries by police & tax officials, asking the company to stop the sale of the product and offer refunds to ones who booked the phone.

On Thursday, the company unveiled new expensive smart phone models along with LED TV priced at Rs.