France Millas train crash: Four Children dead as bus collides with train


At Least four children lost their lives and several other people wounded after train and a school bus hit each other close to Perpignan in southern France on Friday.

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Around 20 people were wounded and 11 of them were in a serious condition. The bus was carrying several people between the age group of 13 and 17.

The photographs of incident have gone viral on the social media. It showed the bus cracked in two by the power of the collision.

The bus was going towards Christian Bourquin College in Millas when the incident happened. The train was coming from Perpignan at a speed of 80km/h (50mph).

Search Operators are waiting to dialogue the woman driver of the bus who was slightly wounded in the collision. The drivers of train and bus flee from the spot after critical injury.

Nearly 70 emergency workers and 4 helicopters were enforced at the spot to rescue people.

On Friday, Transport Minister Elisabeth Borne stated the collision as a “dreadful accident”.

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French President Emmanuel Macron wrote on Twitter, “All my thoughts for the victims of this dreadful accident including a school bus, as well as their families. France is fully mobilized to assist them.”