France rail crash: Dozens hurt as train hits tree in hailstorm


Many individuals were harmed, eight of them genuinely, when a provincial train hit a tree removed amid a hailstorm in the south of France. 

Witnesses said one traveler had been tossed out of the train by the power of the accident, at Saint-Aunes in the Herault district. 

Crisis administrations said one individual was basically harmed and transported to healing center. 

The front of the train was gravely harmed and windows were thumped out.The twofold decker train had been going at 140km/h toward the east of Montpellier when it smashed into the tree at around 15:45 nearby time (13:45 GMT), reports said. 

"We were on the train when hailstones the span of ping-pong balls began falling, then we heard what seemed like a blast," said a 24-year-old traveler from Luxembourg who gave her name as Justine. 

"The train shook for a few moments and afterward I saw a few people whose heads were secured in blood." 

A few travelers at first thought the accident was the start of a terrorist assault, after the series of occurrences crosswise over Europe as of late. 

The mishap left the Montpellier to Nimes line totally obstructed amid the night surge hour however activity was relied upon to continue later on Wednesday.