France: Man attempts to seize weapon at airport, died


A man was gunned down to death on Saturday after making attempt to grab the weapon of a soldier protecting Paris’ Orly Airport.

The authorities cautioned visitors to keep away from the area when the operation was happening.

The reports revealed that the raid was carried out by special police force to take care of the airport.

French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian asserted, “The Orly airport attacker assaulted a patrol of three soldiers, all from the air force, including a woman.”

The Minister said the two other patrolmen began fire “to secure her” and people in general in the air terminal.

French Interior Minister Bruno Le Roux said the man shot dead at the airplane terminal was the same as the person who “is connected with auto commandeering” before in the morning in a Paris suburb.

The fighter, who was assaulted, is a piece of the Sentinel uncommon constrain introduced around France to ensure delicate destinations after a string of lethal Islamic radical assaults. The drive incorporates 7,500 fighters, half sent in the Paris locale and half in the areas.

Orly is Paris’ second-greatest air terminal behind Charles de Gaulle, serving household and universal flights, eminently to goals in Europe and Africa.

The shooting came following a comparable occurrence a month ago at the Louver Museum in which an Egyptian man assaulted warriors guarding the site and was shot and injured.

Saturday’s assault additionally shaken France, which stays under a highly sensitive situation after assaults in the course of recent years that have killed 235 individuals.