Four students shot dead outside San Francisco schools


A gunfire broke out in the parking lot of June Jordan School of Equity in the Excelsior District of San Francisco, erupting chaos just as the school was letting out, leaving four students wounded – one serious – and police searching for at least one shooter.

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As the sound of gunfire reverberated through the lobbies of the June Jordan School for Equity grounds in the Excelsior District around 3:20 p.m., teachers corralled scrambling understudies and pushed them into classrooms, bolting doors and trusting this would not be the most recent mass school shooting.

As reported by the police, a few shots were fired into a group of understudies assembled in the parking lot of the school campus, which the school shares with the City Arts and Technology High School.

At the point when police arrived, they were uncertain whether the shots originated from inside the school and whether the shooter was still inside. They put the school under “lock-out,” which means no one was permitted to enter or leave the school, and went classroom to classroom before determining the shooter, or shooters, had fled.

San Francisco police kept on hunting Tuesday night down suspects and no less than one gunman.

Four students were injured in the shooting, said Officer Carlos Manfredi, a department spokesperson. Three of them kept running inside the school before paramedics arrived and took them to a close-by trauma hospital.

Brent Andrews, a representative for San Francisco General Hospital, said that because of the fact that the victims were minors, he couldn’t give any data on what number of were being dealt with or on the nature of their wounds or their conditions.

As reported by Manfredi, one victim, a young lady, was shot in the upper extremities and endured life-debilitating wounds. Two male victims were shot in the lower extremities and endured non-critical injuries. A fourth victim strolled into San Francisco General Hospital, saying he was harmed in the gunfire. The way of his wounds was not specified.

Four male suspects were seen running west on Brazil Avenue far from the school, Manfredi said.

Police trust that at least one of the victims was the proposed focus of the shooting. The school area tweeted that a student had been focused by “outsiders.” A female Jordan employee who spoke on condition of anonymity because she was not authorized to speak on behalf of the school said educators believe there were “building tensions outside the classroom” that boiled over, resulting in the shooting.

Fernando Rodriguez, 16, a junior at June Jordan, depicted the confusion, chaos and threat inside the school. He said he was strolling down a foyer when he heard no less than six “pops.” As students kept running every which way, teachers assembled them and pushed them into classrooms, he said.

“It was startling,” he said. “We stroll into this school each day, each morning, and to hear gunshots like that — just scary.”

Inside a classroom, with the doors secured by being bolted shut, Rodriguez, many different understudies and a teacher, waited nervously. They were unsure whether a gunman was still on the loose. A considerable lot of the understudies, he said, feared a mass shooting was occurring at the school.

Around a half-hour later, word came that the shots had been fired outside the school, he said.

Police issued a sanctuary set up request for the encompassing territory as officers hunt down the four suspects.

The high school was expected to remain open Wednesday, though that plan was subject to change if the suspects were not apprehended before then, said Heidi Anderson, a spokeswoman for the school district. The school will provide grief counsellors and extra security, she said.

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