Four members Arrested Of ‘Namaste Gang’ : Delhi


With the capture of four people, the police asserted to have busted the ‘Namaste posse’ which used to welcome individuals with collapsed hands before looting them.

Portraying their way of robbery, Deputy Commissioner of Police (East) Omvir Singh said the denounced meandered around in groups on scooters and focused on solo drivers wearing gold gems.

After choosing the target, one of the scooter riders would begin riding parallel to the focused car and smiled at the driver with folded hands, he said.

The driver would feel that he knows the scooter rider and stop his car. At that point, another rider would come towards the opposite side of the car.

When the driver moved down the window, they would open the entryway, overwhelm the sufferer and ransack him at gunpoint, the police said.

Since occurrences happened in trans-Yamuna range taking after which a group of the Jagatpuri Police Station was restricted in for busting the gang.

On May 19, the police got information that the group members would go towards Madhu Vihar through Jagatpuri.

A trap was laid and around 1.50 AM on May 20, three scooters were seen in the territory. After a concise exchange of flame, the four blamed were captured.

The third group run away from the spot.

The captured individuals have been distinguished as Javed Malik alias JD, Wasim Malik, Iqrar Ahmed and Mohd Shahid. JD is leader of the gang and was needed in 51 cases of theft and misrepresentation.