Four ISIS militants killed by Israeli troops


Atleast four militants were killed by the Israeli forces today in their first direct clashes with ISIS at the Syrian territory.

Leader Benjamin Netanyahu commended his troops for the activity at the week by week bureau meeting without going into points of interest.

"I wish to acclaim IDF (Israel Defense Forces) fighters for ruining an assault on our northern outskirt," Mr. Netanyahu told his bureau partners.

The clash started when a unit of the IDF Golani Brigade was highly involved with leading a trap and crossed the fence while staying in Israeli domain and went under overwhelming automatic rifle and mortar shoot from ISIS warriors.

Various mortar shells were additionally shot towards Israel's course from the Syrian side of the Golan Heights, which arrived close to the security fence, not long after discharges were listened, provoking Israeli troops to strike back.

Israeli Air Force asserted to have executed all the four aggressors before long.

"The reaction was sharp and quick and was planned to communicate something specific that we are in the zone and are resolved to ensure our fringe. The IDF's reaction occurred inside minutes," an armed force authority was cited as saying by news site "Ynet"

"We have no goal of heightening matters in the zone however we won't acknowledge a reality in which strengths start shooting toward us," he included.

No Israeli troops was harmed in the clashes.