Four children injured by electric wire


JAIPUR: In a massive mishap four children in Vaishali Nagar area were rushed to a hospital On Sunday afternoon, after they came in contact with a high-tension electricity wire.

As per police, the episode occurred at 11.30 am when Jai Veer (13), his two siblings Ramveer (14) and Balveer (13) had gone to a barber’s close Amrapali Circle.

“The trio were joined by their cousin Pawan (13). The four were sitting outside the shop by a divider where a link was extending out. The kids inadvertently touched the wire and got harmed,” the police said.

Individuals sitting in the shop hurried the youngsters to a healing center where Pawan and Jai Veer were said to be in a basic condition. “Both have been experiencing treatment. They got more than 60% smolder wounds. The specialists are treating them. Their condition is not yet out of threat,” the police included. Kishan Singh, the father of three children, likewise hurried to the hospital. “The links were not secured and this was a slip by with respect to metro powers. There ought to be an appropriate examination concerning the matter,” the oppressed father told writers in the hospital. The police said they are examining the matter to discover more insights about the case. “Ramveer and Balveer have been released from the clinic. They are still not in a condition to offer explanation to the police,” an authority said.