Former State Convener of AAP Sucha Singh Chhotepur asks ‘Dilliwalas’ to make accounts public


JALANDHAR: Former State Convener of Aam Aadmi Party Sucha Singh Chhotepur on Wednesday attacked his party members from Delhi saying them "daadvi" (invaders). He had even insisted that AAP must make all the donations and expenditures public which is earned by the party.

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At “Punjab Parivartan Yatra”, he addressed the crowd and expressed Aam Aadmi Party as 'Dilliwalas'. On August 26, Chhotepur was dismissed from the party as the charge of bribe was put against him by their party members.

Chotepur said, "Punjabis versus outsiders and also drew a line between those having money (Delhi leadership) and those having truth (Chhotepur and his supporters).”

He asked AAP members on the eve of Wenesday, "You removed me on the basis of a cooked up story and a so-called sting that is not being made public. Immediately make public the donations you received and the money you spent in Punjab."

 "They should also give information about the Rs 22 lakh I collected from party volunteers and handed to them." Chhotepur also asked Delhi-based AAP leaders to come clean on the issue of supplying public address (PA) systems in Punjab at inflated rates. "Now when the issue has been raised in public, the self-appointed custodians of honesty and transparency should clear the air about the money margin from sale of these systems to volunteers," he said.

Chhotepur said, "I wanted to tell him about the loot by observers from Delhi and that he was not being provided a correct picture, but he would not give me time. When some well-meaning fellows went from Punjab to apprise him of the situation, he referred them to Durgesh Pathak, who was party to all which was going wrong in Punjab. "

He asserted, “Are Durgesh and Sanjay Prime Minister Narendra Modi's men?

He alleged that some tickets were sold by AAP for Rs 2 crore and 20 of the 40 candidates declared by it so far had "doubtful credentials". "If money was not the consideration, why did they give tickets to tainted candidates?" he asked, while adding that the 52 'dhaadvi' (invaders) – a reference to zonal and sector observers – were even taken to shopping and money was spent for their lavish stay in Punjab by ticket-seekers. "There are examples where ticket aspirants provided three-three cars to these observers," he said.

"Dilliwalas are using divide and rule policy of the British against Punjabis. Bhagwant Mann has already been finished and others would also be thrown out after use. When I was appointed convener, I asked Kejriwal if any of the four MPs from Punjab could be given responsibility, but Kejriwal told me that 'MPs are a liability and nobody knew how they would behave'," Chhotepur said.

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