Former International Cricket Council president Ehsan Mani asks PCB to boycott India in ICC meet


Former International Cricket Council president Ehsan Mani condemned BCCI chief Anurag Thakur for his provoking comments on Pakistan. He even asked the Pakistan Cricket Board to boycott India in ICC events.

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On Tuesday, Mani affirmed that, “Pakistani cricket officials should come strong at the ICC executive board meeting in Cape Town next week.”

“The Indian Cricket Board president, with his immature and inflammatory statements, has given an opening to Pakistan to plead its case more effectively at the ICC meeting,” he said

“Pakistan sports authorities must demand that the ICC should ask the BCCI president to explain his position in making his statements against Pakistan.” Mani added.

"Anurag Thakur is a legislator and individual from parliament of the decision party and the ICC must request that he clarify in what limit does he give his announcements on Pakistan or whatever other cricket issue," Mani said.

"They should request that he clarify his position since the ICC constitution plainly prohibited any of its own authorities or those of part nations to make proclamations that bring the diversion into notoriety and that is the thing that Thakur has done in his announcements," the previous ICC boss said.

Mani said throughout the previous two years he had been exhorting the Pakistan board to quit playing India in the gathering phase of ICC occasions.

"Presently India is discussing not playing us in gathering phases of ICC occasions. Actually the ICC wins a great deal from these Indo-Pak matches in its competitions and India brings home the lions offer under the enormous three administration recipe. However they would prefer not to have reciprocal cricket ties with us."

Mani said that Pakistani cricket authorities for quite a long time had been taking after a strategy of pacification with India since they needed resumption of reciprocal cricket arrangement.

"Be that as it may, now it is clear there is part of pessimism from the Indian cricket board and even generally the circumstance is tense. So this is the best time for Pakistan to make its point at the ICC meeting."

A PCB official as of late affirmed that because of India not playing against Pakistan since 2007 in a full reciprocal arrangement, it had endured misfortunes to the tune of more than $100 million.

Najam Sethi, the previous administrator of the PCB, who now heads the official advisory group, told the media in Lahore that they wanted to give a befitting answer to India's late dangers to not play Pakistan in ICC occasions.

"Yes we have been perusing these announcements and we will give them a solid reaction at the ICC meeting," Sethi said.

Sethi will go to the ICC executive meeting with CEO, Subhan Ahmad since administrator Shaharyar Khan, a previous vocation representative, stays incapacitated as he is recouping from a heart surgery.

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