Ford Mustang GT launched in India at Rs 65 lakh


An American multinational company Ford has come up with its new car “Ford Mustang” in India today. The price of the car has been fixed at Rs 65 lakh.

Ford Mustang was first introduced in 1964 in the US. The car has a fifty two year history. Now, the sixth generation of Mustang GT has been now launched in India.


It has the biggest trick in comparison to other Mustang cars. Line-lock is derived from drag racing with competitors spinning up the rear tyres to heat it up and thus get more grip off the line when the lights go green.

Line Lock helps to break the front wheels, release the rear brakes also so that you don’t murder the pads and, after you activate all the electronics properly in the Track Apps menu and step on the gas, it will set the rear tyres on fire in a big stationary burnout.

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The India-spec Mustang is the fully-kitted out GT with the big ol’ five-litre, naturally-aspirated V8 that makes those charming grumbly and burbly sounds.

It has 420 horsepower of engine but for India, it is detuned to make 396bhp and 515Nm of torque. Ford engineers claim it can even run on 87 octane fuel that you get in Tier III Indian towns.


The Mustang stuck with a live rear axle. With this generation, Ford has dragged the Mustang into something resembling the modern era with fully independent rear suspension. And this V8 that we get in India also comes with a limited-slip rear diff as standard. All of which make it great fun on the track. The Mustang’s biggest characteristic is predictability. It’s very easy to drive close to the limit, the handling is progressive.

It’s also a safe car – and we don’t mean in terms of the number of airbags (of which there are plenty) but the way it defaults to understeer at anything approaching the limit.

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Strong pricing

The Mustang has been launched at Rs 65 lakh. At that price, you get a four-cylinder Audi TT or the CLA 45 AMG. Both four have all-wheel drive and will lap the BIC very many seconds quicker than the Mustang. Objectively, they are better. But the Mustang slaps objectivity in the face. With the Mustang you get a proper V8. You get an iconic badge with a back story that few others can boast of. It ticks all the right boxes, but what it’s absolutely nailed is the pricing.